Bandwagon Celebs

Manufactured celebrities. Who needs real talent when you can post a video to YouTube and get millions of hits, by mimicking, mocking, or simply providing a commentary about true celebrities. Next generation behavior: Online and mobile video technology can lead to instant fame… this begs the question. Is it better to put true talent out there (Chocolate Rain) vs. using your talent to know what types of videos people are viewing online and being outlandish enough to put it out there to simply garner press (Leave Brittany Alone)?


1 Response to “Bandwagon Celebs”

  1. 1 bendy3008
    April 16, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    Definitely part of Chocolate Rain’s appeal is that it’s sincere. Same with Tron Guy.

    As far as LBA, it’s just such a spectacle that you can’t help but look. Like the divorce video that’s going around youtube now. It’s sad and pathetic and humiliating, but 10 million internet fans can’t be wrong. Or something like that.

    And that’s what’s so hard when marketers try to capitalize on these things–Dr Pepper got a little press out of their flashy Chocolate Rain remix, but then what? Can you recapture that sincerity? Or present a spectacle without seeming exploitative?

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