Who to Trust?

Turns out it’s the people you already trust. Or people very much like them. There are some surprises in (PR firm) Edelman’s trust report (scroll down & download the PDF): modern consumers are much more trusting of information than older consumers, and they trust private companies more than governments.


1 Response to “Who to Trust?”

  1. 1 hk3008
    April 20, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    This takes us right back to, “How do we stimulate conversations around brands/products?” Are consumers more willing to listen and participate if they trust the brand? How do we create WOM, knowing that it is far more powerful than shouting your brands praises on a mountain top and expecting consumers to be interested. Where the notion of Cool Hunting and The Tipping Point have come under attack is at the heart of what marketers are still trying so hard to figure out: where, how, and with whom that conversation starts. Is there truly an influencer? And, how do trends get picked up and passed along? If you are a brand that people trust, will your longevity win out? Or, is it better to be a period piece with a certain amount of clout/savvy that keeps consumers coming back as trends recycle themselves (think Members Only)?

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