Design creating trust

Piggybacking off of Ben’s trust post. Found an interesting snippet in April’s Fast Company…

Worldwide e-commerce spending is expected to surpass $7 trillion this year. If you are looking to jump into the e-commerce ring or simply enhance your site, consumers have noted a few interesting things around where they shop online and with whom they place their ever trusted credit card information. According to the article, retailers cultivate trust through design. A study found that consumers feel more comfortable making purchases from “impersonal and anonymous sources” if they are easy to navigate and search, and provide full and detailed information about goods. A highly functional Web site doesn’t just help customers find the product they are looking for, but it also makes them feel comfortable about being there in the first place

Lesson learned: create a smartly designed e-commerce site with a great user experience and then soak the suckers for all their are worth. Credit card numbers for sale…?!


1 Response to “Design creating trust”

  1. 1 bendy3008
    April 21, 2008 at 10:09 am

    “Hedonistic Motivations” describes most things I do. I’m saving up for a fainting couch to be fed grapes on.

    And let me stand up for the role of copywriting in that analysis: full and complete product descriptions are a big part of establishing that trust… nice to know somebody’s reading!

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