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Mobile (Un-Phone) Devices

I was recently in the security line at the airport and a woman behind me was on her mobile phone, apparently getting financial advice from someone: “I know I could be investing more wisely, right now I have twenty grand just sitting in my checking account.” I wanted to turn around and ask if she’d invest some of that in me. 

According to an article in MobileCrunch, the city of Graz in Austria is telling commuters on public transport to keep their phones on silent and keep off of them during the commute:

“I know I insulted the cell phone goddess a little,” Graz Mayor Siegfried Nagl said.
“But people need to know they don’t have the right to be on the telephone permanently and constantly,” he told Austrian television. “It’s just not healthy to never be able to get any peace and quiet.”

Will the “phone” use of mobile phones dwindle as more and more web functionality is added? After all, if you’re talking in public, everyone can hear you – but if you’re texting or emailing or surfing the web, you can say whatever you want without being overheard.